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i know iLl NEVER be as hott as kelsey

Umm.. So I'm applying you guys.

 I couldn't copy and paste the words so I really don't remember the questions. Well, nevermind I just opened another screen so I'm looking at them. (You 3 are so clever for doing this.)
*NAME! - it's Alice. Duh kids.
*Age - Sixteen! *Sex - female
 *Location - Memphis.
*describe your favorite t-shirt - well, I've had it since I was 6. I wore it at my 16th birthday party and it's light blue and Alice in Wonderland is on it and theres ruffly lace things around it.
*Favorite bands - Phantom Planet, Billy Talent, The Beatles, Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, gosh too hard of a list to make.
*Favorite books - all meg cabot books, all books by tamora pierce, harry potter books, and I'm reading the Alchemist and its grand. *Something unique about you - hmm... toughy, well I've gone to 6 different schools, umm, I stay up to 1:30 every wednesday night to watch Smallville, and I live on a lake!
 *How'd I find you - one day i read lornas livejournal and saw spice girls and I spazzed and realized I had to be a part of this.
 *Lyrics - Open the gates and seize the day, don't be afraid and don't delay, and lorna knows the rest. Tenley should too. Kelsey will eventually.
 *Do I secretly jiggy to pop music - Okay does that question even needed to be asked? YES!
*Color - green.
*Amuse us ready go - Spot Conlon is MY brooklyn mermaid.
 *One hell of a hot animal - according to the rules "i have to say chipmunks" well you know what, No, Mermaids are the hottest animals.

No Pictures of my nails at the moment, but heres one of me and my shoes for you guys...

Sitting in the french class room.

these are my shoes.

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